Important News About Financial Assistance for FY19

In March, Temple Beth Ami’s Board of Directors approved a new financial assistance process developed by the Financial Secretary’s Committee. The purpose of the change is to make sure that Temple Beth Ami can continue to provide assistance to families who find themselves in situations of great financial need and who cannot afford the full cost of membership. The new process will be put in place for the 2018/2019 fiscal year.

Financial aid will be limited to the Temple’s financial capacity and will change from year to year, as reflected in the budget. Each year the Budget Committee will allocate the funds available for financial aid. In addition to yearly fluctuations in both the total pool of available aid and the total number of people and families requesting financial aid, this new process may also impact the Temple’s ability to provide financial assistance to individuals from year to year (even if the applicant’s situation has not changed). As always, we will continue to do our best to provide assistance to those who need it.

All Temple members will receive a letter in May listing the Board approved fees for the coming year.  A worksheet will be enclosed so you can compute your annual commitment (financial aid forms will be due before you receive the FY19 invoice in mid-July which will reflect this amount).

Every applicant for assistance must complete a Financial Assistance Form, whether or not they have requested assistance in the past. The Financial Assistance Form will be available on the web-site. 

ALL FORMS MUST BE RETURNED BY JUNE 30 TO BE CONSIDERED. The Financial Secretary’s Committee will only be able to allocate the funds available, so meeting this deadline is critical.

Financial assistance will be need based, with those in the most need receiving the most relief. All forms will be considered together in a blind process during which the Financial Secretaries will rank the forms by demonstrated need. Consideration will be given first to those with the most demonstrable need.



Please understand that, while it is always our goal to be accessible to every person seeking a Jewish community, the increasing amount of aid being distributed (over $500,000 in FY18) and the on-going deficit ($100,000) make it impossible for us to continue distributing assistance to those families who cannot or will not demonstrate financial need.


Laura Rose                 Kal Migler

President                    Financial Secretary